Basic Beliefs 

of the

Institute for Biblical and Historical Studies

and the

Word of Promise


Truth: We accept that Truth is objective, and not relative. Therefore, Truth is absolute and does not change. Our perceptions may change, but Truth is unchanging.
God: We accept that there is one true God, who is YHWH (hwhy) or YH (hy), and known phonetically as YAHWEH or YAH. He is the God of Truth and does not change.
Word of God:
God is Revealed through His inspired written Word: The one true God revealed Himself to man through His WORD, which is DABAR, RHEMA, and LOGOS. The WORD of God was revealed by His will through the inspiration of His prophets and apostles as recorded in the Scriptures, which were supernaturally preserved.
God is Revealed through His manifestation in the flesh: The WORD of God was also revealed by the manifestation of God Himself as YAHSHUA (evwhy), known as Jesus to readers of modern English. The name means YAH is salvation. God, as the Father, manifested Himself as God the only begotten Son of God, known as Jesus Christ, who is the Savior of mankind.
The Word of God is Truth: Because the WORD of God is God revealed, it is Truth. Therefore, it is objective and not relative. As Truth, it cannot change or be changed by the will or reason of man. Because it is Truth, the Word of God can be used as the standard by which all other things may be measured.
Holy Ghost: Jesus promised that He would not leave us comfortless. He said He would ask the Father to send another Comforter, who is the Holy Ghost. While Jesus was God manifest in the flesh, the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God, who is also known as the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of Truth. The Holy Ghost draws us to and guides us in the Word of God, as revealed in the written Word and in Jesus Christ, and gives us power to bear witness of the Truth.
Sacrifice for Sin: As the WORD of God, Jesus existed from the beginning, before He was conceived by the Holy Ghost and made manifest in the flesh through a woman. Therefore, He was the Son of God through the Holy Ghost and the son of man through Mary. He lived a sinless life, suffered a literal death, and was bodily resurrected and ascended to Heaven. Through His death on the cross, He accomplished the once-for-all perfect sacrifice for sin on behalf of mankind. Those who truly believe on Him are justified by faith alone.
Baptism: The baptism of believers in water is a public confession of our faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As He was buried upon His death, we are buried with Him in baptism. As Jesus Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, we are raised from our baptism to walk by faith in newness of life.
Communion: Partaking of the unleavened bread and the cup, representing the body and blood of Jesus Christ during communion, demonstrates our remembrance of His sacrifice as the Lamb of God, which is our Passover. It is a memorial that He offered Himself once and for all for our sins. There is, therefore, no more offering to be made for sins.
Prayer: Through the blood of Jesus Christ we are granted direct access to God the Father by faith. We, therefore, as a part of a holy priesthood have the boldness to enter into the most holy place, which is the very presence of God. As we pray in faith by the power of name of Jesus (YAHSHUA), we know that God hears our prayers.